Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Batman Villian..Really..?

Well i was reading some around the interwebz the other day and i see that they have made Bane the new batman villian. I don't ever really remember hin being a villian though, more of a side-kick from the cartoons and all so I was like OMGZ they Ruined the series. Then I really started to think about it, I thought the same things about Heath Ledger being the joker, and to me that was one of my favorite movies ever.. SOOOO i duno maybe this might be as good, or semi-compairable we'll just have to see I guess..?


  1. Well is the joker officially dead? I don't keep up with these things, so if he is, then the success of this new villain is entirely dependent on how he fills the role of villain (obviously). He's gotta be h-core as f*ck, and I think he will be - he looks the part

  2. I remember Bane being an epic villain. I can't wait to see what Nolan has done with him.

  3. cool!! so there will be a new movie then? :)