Sunday, June 5, 2011


Well I don't know if everyone might feel the same way about dreams as I do, but I believe sometimes that in our dream state that our subconcious tries to tell us stuff from time to time.

One time about 3-5 years ago, I had one of these dreams that still makes me wonder to this day, if something / someone was trying to tell me something or not. At the time I just finished vocational school, and I was unemployed about 4 months in a row trying to find a job, and me and my Fiance at the time were stuggling to survive.

I was dreaming at the time that Me, her and my parents were driving to the river in our local time to go on a boat ride, and I was really excited, but this gravel road was long and narrow, and along the way I was seeing some that made me go WTF..!! OMgZ...!!!!!11!!1! Well there were people all over the place, standing around fire barrels and such, and they were people from lawyer looking people talking on cell phones, to poor homeless people trying to stay warm and by these people on this road were white painted door frames, with closed doors and when we were driving by one person quickly ran in the door and there was this pure goldish/white light

Then I woke up and I felt like there wasn't any issues, like I was on top of the world and just had this feeling of pride or satisfaction. I was wondering if subconciously I was telling myself that there were many paths in life and that you just have to pick were you go, then suddenly like a week later I got a job, yeah it wasn't the type of job that I wanted and still work there, but there is some sort of satisfaction knowing that this place is stable as long as you atleast try.


  1. I've always liked how people do those photos like the dream one.

  2. I fully believe that some people can dream and have it mean something. Weather it is your subconscious trying to fix itself or if theres a higher force behind it I think its always fun when you have one of those dreams.
    I've had quite a few of those types that when you wake up or later on down the road you realize that the dream had a deeper meaning. :)

  3. That is a very detailed dream. I dont generally have them that detailed.

  4. Are you familiar with the work of C.G.Jung on dreams and the Collective Unconscious ?
    He delved into that whole issue - of dreams as a conversation with our unconscious - and how that reveals the patterns we create in our lives.
    Just thought I'd mention it.
    I think our understanding of time, of our minds, and of the universe in general is very limited. Dreams have much more to tell us than we give credit for.

  5. Nah, dreams are just the brain making sense of neural activity despite no external stimulus, thus we dream! BUT, our brain only has the images, noises, thoughts we experience on a day-to-day basis, thus sometimes we catch sometime we might not have when we're actually awake...

    Sorry for the rant, neuroscience :P

  6. most of my dreams aren't that detailed, in fact I rarely even remember dreaming anything

  7. I'm going for psych. and i believe that what ever you make of your dream is what your dream is was trying to tell you.

  8. For me I was told that if you want to have a lucid dream after you wake up in the morning take a 30 minute nap right after and you will remember it... have a pen and paper ready to write down the details in order to recall it...

  9. I never remember my dreams, makes me sad.